Plant extracts and plant waters from organic or conventional agriculture, intended for cosmetic applications.

NATINOV® listening to the cosmetics market

NATINOV® meets the specifications of the cosmetics market by offering extracts, by range or à la carte, that can be integrated into a wide range of cosmetic formulations for beauty, body care, facial care…

Through its ranges of hydrophilic or lipophilic extracts, NATINOV® allows you to integrate herbal ingredients while limiting their impact on the visual appearance and texture of your formulas. Beyond its expertise in the production of quality botanical ingredients, NATINOV® is among the pioneers in the selection of organic plants from traceable agricultural sectors.

The NATINOV® offer

Based on the strength of our efficient and perfected industrial system, NATINOV® produces a wide range of plant extracts through optimized extraction processes

Our extraction processes

Liquid extracts
Macerated oils

Our ranges of extracts

  • Organic glycerinated liquid extracts.
  • Organic hydroalcoholic liquid extracts.
  • Organic floral waters
  • Organic macerated oils

AMI Ingrédients® is NATINOV®‘s partner for the promotion and marketing of its cosmetic extracts ranges in France.

Tailored extracts


Feasibility study based on your specifications.


Sample available for your formulation tests.


Transposition to industrial scale.


Production up to the tonne.


Wide choice of packaging.

Anjou lemon balm and its leaf

Melissa officinalis L.

Beyond france’s borders, a controlled organic chain for the damask rose and its bud

Rosa x damascena Mill

Nutrition & Health

Nutrition & Health

Plant extracts for food supplements and human nutrition



Custom development of your raw materials for pharmaceutical use

Animal nutrition

Animal nutrition

Dry and liquid extracts intended for livestock and companion animals