Innovation & Development

Since its creation, NATINOV® has put at your service its plant expertise and its multidisciplinary R&D team can develop natural solutions according to your needs.

Innovation for your products of tomorrow

Our inventive and passionate plant specialists, pharmacists, chemists and biochemists lend their expertise to create and develop your products of tomorrow.

  • Research projects in partnership with universities and public research centres.
  • Development of alternative extraction technique: extraction with subcritical water.
  • Equipment for the development of new extracts at the laboratory scale:
    • Extraction tools.
    • Steam distillation equipment.
    • Concentration tools on a laboratory and pilot scale.
    • Vacuum drying oven.
    • Pilot extractor/concentrator.

The developement of your project with NATINOV®

Every day, due to a rigorous approach, NATINOV® supports you in developing natural solutions in response to your needs, from the design to the manufacturing of extracts.


Supply of plant raw materials (Possibility of developing a specific source and cultivation)


Design of plant extracts: definition of specifications, adaptation of extraction processes to the desired active ingredients, development in the laboratory and transposition to industrial scale


Production of dry or liquid extracts from the kilo to the tonne, conforming to the regulatory requirements of the market concerned


Design and manufacture of food supplements based on our plant extracts


Possibility of going to the finished product

NATINOV®, your expert in plant extraction

NATINOV®, your expert in plant extraction

Since its beginning, NATINOV® has voluntarily integrated the social and environmental concerns of the sector